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Hi there! Welcome to The Pineapple Chicken Blog.

Why Pineapple Chicken?

I know…it is a bit random right? Like really random….

Pineapple Chicken (菠蘿雞) is a colloquial term in Hong Kong, which means leveraging off others. My parents always used it on me as a term of endearment whenever I wanted a “family holiday” or something expensive. It sounds interesting and sweet when literally translated back to English. In my mind, it conjured up a rather cute little chicken in a pineapple suit – So why not?

Purpose of the blog

I am an introvert with a busy career in London, UK. However, I want to find more time to unwind and recover. Being naturally curious and enjoying the finer things in life, I seek places to eat, shop, and travel.

I post every Tuesday so hope you all find something that tickles your fancy and I would always love to hear from my readers so do leave comments in my blog posts and consider following my blog! For suggestions on collaboration or other queries please email me at

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.

With Sweet & Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken