Hi there! Welcome to The Pineapple Chicken Blog.

About Me

I am Georgina Chiu, a 31 year old female who is born and raised in London. Currently, I am working for a social impact investor in the City. Photographer in my spare time, an environmentalist with a passion for nature, art and basically everything else. I am like a sponge, who likes to soak up random facts!

Why Pineapple Chicken?

I know…it is a bit random right? Like really random….

Pineapple Chicken (菠蘿雞) is a colloquial term in Hong Kong, which means leveraging off others. My parents always used it on me as a term of endearment whenever I wanted a “family holiday” or something expensive.  It sounds interesting and sweet when literally translated back to English. In my mind, it conjured up a rather cute little chicken in a pineapple suit – So why not?

Purpose of the blog

I set a mission for myself to make the most of my weekends, where I can spend the time to expand my knowledge, deepen my passions and, have new experiences – all the while sharing it with others. There will be random postings along the way – books, articles, and topics to fill the quieter (and probably rainy) days. I want to share my passions with you and all that I learn along the way.

Starting out in my hometown, I hope to visit and do all the wonderful things that London has to offer – exhibitions and events! Undoubtedly, I will also travel to other parts of the world along the way.

If there is anything you would like me to go to in London (happy to be a guinea pig!), do let me know. Send a message to pineapplechickenuk [at] gmail.com.

With Sweet & Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken