Lifestyle: Have a #MindfulMarch

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a positive week! Originally, I was not going to post this week because I took a few days off and it threw off my routine. Also, I was not feeling 100% and felt very tired all the time; thankfully, I took a test, and it was not Covid, but I still have not found the root cause of my fatigue.

As I was lying in bed on Sunday night, I reflected on the bad habits that I have started to creep back, and I wanted this to change. It is the beginning of a new month and I want to plan how I can end Q1 2021 on a positive note and feel a little bit better about myself.

his will not be a long post as I continue to think through how to plan the remainder of the month, but I wanted to ask you to embark on this journey with me and consider having a #MindfulMarch.


As mentioned in my post about setting goals, you can set goals whenever you want, this also means that you can reflect and assess how you are progressing whenever you want. This is why you should check in on yourself to keep you on the right track and spot any “red flags” early. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs structure, my reflections of January and February are:

Basic Needs: Physical and Mental Health

I felt positive in January as I was keeping up with eating healthy, though there had been a slight decline in my physical activity. However, this all came to a halt in February and became a month of indulgence, with the Lunar New Year, I carried on the festivities by stopping my mindful eating. Before the Lunar New Year, I was trying to eat healthily and considered portion control. However, this has all flown out the window and I went back to my old ways of finding any excuse not to work out and having a lot of snacks and desserts…

Mentally, I am finding this third lockdown very hard and the new road map from BoJo didn’t particularly change my thought about the lockdown either. It is great that we have a plan but meh, we still have a long way to go. Over the last few months, I have tried to stick to some good habits such as reading, but the pace has considerably slowed down. On the other hand, I am finding it very hard to find a work-life balance and this has caused quite a lot of stress.

Psychological Needs: Relationships and Esteem

I am grateful that my relationships with friends and family continue to remain strong despite the lockdown, especially, seeing my sister for the Lunar New Year was a very welcomed change! However, I have found the lockdown difficult to work on my esteem needs. Not caring how I look, such as not being able to go to the hairdressers is really weighing me down. I am also falling behind on my professional learning, thus, I am really struggling with my sense of accomplishment.

Self Actualisation

Finally, self-actualisation needs, I am grateful that this has been really positive because of this blog and my YouTube channel. The slight change in direction of the blog to cover more personal finance has been really inspiring and I can feel the creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to share more with you all.


Okay, so after this assessment, the key question is: What am I going to change? I want to end the month of March feeling a bit more positive and steer myself back on course towards my goals. These are the ones that I have thought of so far:

  1. #mindfuleating – I want to go back to mindful eating, so I want a reset. Less sugar, eat complex carbs and portion control. 
  2. #mindfulactivity – Building up the habit of working out and keeping active. Sitting at my desk all day is seriously detrimental to my physical and mental health. I am so grateful that it is getting warmer in the UK making walks much more enticing, so I am going to try and step out of the house every day, even if it is just to walk 2 minutes around the block!
  3. #mindfulminimalism – I really want to do a big spring clean as I want to have a more decluttered and “curated” life (more on this later). The first step is to do a big clear out – I think that will really help to feel a little more pride and accomplishment.
  4. #mindfulfocus – I need to refocus on my professional learning and carve out time for it. I should be more mindful of what I give my attention to. 
  5. #mindfulwealth – Continue to work on my blog as we look more closely about personal finance, in addition to, being mindful of my personal wealth and how I can continue to grow the pot.

Call to action!

I am already feeling a bit better as I feel like I have a plan and I want to refocus on myself and be mindful in my decisions and actions. This is a call to action – join me on my journey for a #mindfulmarch. 

How was the first two months of 2021 for you? Is there anything you can change to make it even better, or is there any positive habits you want to start? Let me know all about it in the comments or DM me on Instagram.

With Sweet & Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken x

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