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Thought of the Day: Resolutions & Priorities

new year

Hi Everyone,

We are about a week into the New Year and I would like to share my thoughts about New Year’s resolutions and priorities for 2019. I am not sure how helpful it is to share my specific goals, but for those who have not set their goals for the year, I am going to share my framework. For those who are not interested in making goals/focus for 2019, I suggest reading this post by my boyfriend. It might encourage you otherwise!

The Goal Pyramid


This is a method I developed with my boyfriend and we have been using it for a couple of years now. It is simple and I think this is why it works for us. It helps us to focus and also makes it easier to review throughout the year to ensure we are on track.

  • Health is the foundation of the pyramid. You need your health for the strength to tackle whatever you have planned. Taking care of #1 (YOU!) is key! Whether this is just trying to walk a bit more or mindful eating, this is where those goals should go.
  • The mind is in the middle. This is the powerhouse of your body and needs constant nurturing. I love to learn and I recognise my need for creativity, so this is where I set my goals to concentrate on this. In particular, my blog is a goal for the year and I have put it under this category – creativity and learning all wrapped into one!
    • Have you thought about what can help your mental wellbeing?
    • What makes you curious/excited?
    • Will you consider meditation or the practice of mindfulness?
  • Wealth is a difficult goal and often plagues my mind. As much as I do not want to worry about my own finances, it is something I discuss a lot with my friends and family. Examples of resolutions in this category are:
    • Do you want to focus on a particular way to build enough wealth to live a certain lifestyle (i.e. save/invest)?
    • Do you want to raise capital to fund a particular dream?
    • Do you want a more positive relationship with money? (For those who has an answer to this, please email or comment below!)


I have previously written about priorities and asked my readers to consider their own. I did find this task extremely challenging. The purpose of the exercise is to let you step back and assess what you would like to focus on. Ask yourself what do you really care about the most. It is also just as important to learn how to forgive yourself and recognise that you can’t do everything! Time is precious and once gone, we all know you can’t get it back. Thus, I am slowly learning to say no. I love to help and please others. I am a very “should” person.  However, I realise that in the past, it has been very detrimental to my health and mind (even sometimes my own wealth!).

The reason I write about priorities again is to highlight that your goals for the new years should align to your priorities. I have found that when they are, I have had a better chance of sticking to my goals and not struggling with conflicts. [For those who are interested in my updated priorities list, let me know and I can add it to the comments].

I hope you found this useful and would love to hear how you get along with making your new years resolutions. Wishing you every success for 2019!

With Sweet and Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken x


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