Thought of the Day: Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone!

I want to wish all a fabulous 2019, may it be filled with positivity & wellness so you can tackle anything you want to achieve this year! This will be a short post as I set out the focus of the Pineapple Chicken Blog for 2019 and hopefully, for many years to come.

As I previously mentioned, the blog has grown into something I truly love and I want to make sure that I am taking it in a direction that would bring about longevity by keeping it relevant and interesting to read!

Positivity & Wellness

The focus will be on positivity and wellness by following my journey to find understand what it means, as well as what works for me. I am no expert in this field but I hope my story will spark you to find your positivity and encourage you to focus on your wellness/wellbeing too. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a blog about healthy eating and yoga (though I probably will try to do it this year) because these are not things that invigorate me, but there are plenty of others who have done a much better job than me on this topic! I might reference them along the way but my focus will be more on mental wellbeing.

Travel & Art

Thank you for all my readers who have stuck with me so far and welcome all new readers! The blog will continue its chilled vibes as I navigate and travel to different places in London, UK, and around the world. Travel will be a big part of the blog, as well as the usual art and cultural pieces. As I try to develop my knowledge on the topic of positivity and wellness, I think a bit of science will also come up as I try to read more about this topic. Not sure where my research and reading will take me, but I am super excited to share it with you all!

Blogging Schedule

I will be posting on the blog every Thursdays and Sundays. For more daily updates, please do check me out on Twitter (@pineapplechkn_) & Instagram (@pineapplechicken_). I love to hear from my readers and followers, so any suggestions or topics you wish to discuss on this forum, do let me know!

With Sweet & Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken

PS. For those looking for a different kind of read, check out my boyfriend’s latest post.

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