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Thought of the Day: Back to Basics

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive period where you ate lots and spent time doing things you wanted to do. I spent time with my extended family – it was loud but full of laughter – managed to play Cards Against Humanity for the first time too!

After the festive period and now that I am also back at work, I am starting to reflect on 2018. As the Pineapple Chicken blog has developed, it has also grown with me as a person and I have used this platform to discuss topics that often plagued my mind. Previously, I touched upon the topic of life leverage and also publicly recognising my introversion.

These were important lessons this year, by understanding my introversion, I focused on ways that could take advantage of this and changed how I navigated the world so that I was not always in a constant “struggle” or “conflict”. By learning life leverage and considering it as a concept, it has made me think of life management in a different way.  This is an ongoing journey, which I am very excited about and I hope I can continue to share with you “life hacks/tips” that I have found helpful (or not helpful)!

Back to Basics (1)

2019 is nearly upon us and I want to prepare for the upcoming year so that it differs from the last. My boyfriend has done his round-up for his year and touched upon a very interesting topic – back to the basics list.

Go back to basics, start again with those hobbies and interest by organising your life around the things you love to do.

So using him as leverage this time around, this is my response to his post. I actually found this task very difficult, partly because I have loads of interests and don’t like being narrowed down to 4! But also, I think it is important that what I love to do also aligns to my priorities too. After hours of pondering, here is my list:

  1. Healthy lifestyle – whether this is working out, recovering mentally, or eating well. Finding workouts and healthy foods I actually enjoy would be a good start I think 🙂 [Aligns with Health and Confidence priority] 
  2. Reading – I love learning and reading is my favourite way of doing that. It is also my way to wind down after a long day, so I am hoping that I will continue this good habit that I have built this year. [Aligns with Knowledge priority]
  3. Blogging – this has become very important in my life. I have found my blogging journey (though erratic) very therapeutic and has grown into something really positive, so I am definitely keeping this up! [Aligns with Creativity and Communication priority]
  4. Positivity/Balance – is this a hobby or even an interest? Even if it is not, I am going to make it so! The focus for 2019 will be on how I can bring positivity to my life and finding the right balance between priorities and personal wellbeing. [Aligns with Freedom priority and pretty much everything else]

Now looking at it, it seems a rather daunting task; particularly the “Healthy lifestyle” but I think it will be good for me in the long run. I really encourage you to think about what you love and makes you happy. Clear out a space, sit back and reflect. You might be surprised how much you will enjoy the process.

Let’s see how well I stick with these 4 things in 2019!

With Sweet & Sour Love,

Pineapple Chicken





2 responses to “Thought of the Day: Back to Basics”

  1. The Little Big Movement Avatar
    The Little Big Movement

    Wow! A powerful post 💪🏾


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